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Sea Gypsy Takeover

The Sea Gypsies and Sunshine Nation have united to create a fantastic weekend of water sports, yoga, beach parties & dancing 28th – 30th Sept. If you are only just hearing about this, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, tickets sold out in under a week! Never fear, by popular demand, we're having another Sunshine Nation Island Takeover in November.


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Pandan Pancakes

(Kueh Ketayap)

One of our guests asked for our Pandan Pancake recipe, so we thought you might all like it. As you can see Sea Gypsies don’t use the traditional recipe but we’ve given you that as well Smiley


Lazy Sailing Days

For the sailing enthusiasts amongst you, Dan's Nasty Dive Base has 3 Escape sailing dinghies, the Solsa and Rumba, perfect for beginners and experienced alike. The waters off the beach is just great at the moment, so much so we made a video to show you just how great it is!


Mangrove Trek

The Mangrove trek is a favourite of the Sea Gypsies because mangroves are awesome! Some of the most fascinating plants indigenous to the tropics, having the ability to survive vast journeys across some of the roughest seas in the world, mangrove trees have populated a huge amount of coastline across south East Asia. An excellent trek with the opportunity to learn all about them, click the link for a taster video before you go.

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