Sea Gypsy Village

Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base has been operated by the Wills family since mid 1992. The idea behind our Malaysian holiday accommodation on Pulau Sibu is simple:

A tropical island resort surrounded by jungle with a beautiful, safe, secluded, virtually private sandy beach it is ideal for old fashioned holiday fun

An island holiday resort where people can relax completely, in harmony with nature, for a fair price (considering we are not your average shack on the beach type accommodation). In our opinion an experience more beneficial than an expensive spa!

An island holiday resort that is romantic for lovers, great for the sporty, paradise for kids, therefore heaven for parents. Let's not forget the party animal (hence the bar that never closes as long as our guests are drinking!)

A tropical island hotel where the accommodation offers you a clean room with a decent bathroom, drinkable water, sensible towels and a nice big fan that runs 24 hours a day. Where the only decision you have to make is what to drink, the alcohol is reasonably priced, the food is home cooked, delicious, plentiful and the kitchen clean.

A tropical island hotel that preserves tradition by building wood & atap Malay style chalets on stilts. Gives nature a helping hand by tree planting and building an artificial reef. Striving to be eco friendly and worrying about our carbon foot print we nonetheless hesitate to use the appellation Eco Resort.

An island getaway that has a professionally run Dive Base where we can show you the glories of the Marine Park around Sibu by scuba diving, trying a Discover Scuba dive going on a snorkeling excursion, exploring our house reefs or island hopping & jungle trekking

A remote tropical island destination, Sibu Island is easily accessible no matter where you're coming from and only 3 hours from Singapore.

An Asian getaway where a friendly staff understand customer service and are in the business of making memories, so your Malaysian holiday will always be one to remember.