• Sea Gypsy Village is a fully licensed resort and the Dan's Dive offers a view which is both breathtaking and relaxing.
  • You can enjoy the moonrise as you slowly sip your cocktail and unwind. We carry a large range of spirits and offer a huge assortment of cocktails.
  •  We also offer an excellent selection of wine at very reasonable prices. (So leave that cold box at home, it's not worth the bother and we charge corkage!)
  • Our bar stocks a large selection of crisps, nuts, delicious home baked cookies, chocolate and even raisins. Plus ice creams & popsicles.
  • (Once again don't bother to carry all that extra luggage with snacks. As a bonus it prevents little 'jungley creatures' enjoying the snacks you may have in your room!)
  • The bar is open as long as guests are still ordering drinks.

The Shop

There is a small shop that sells:
  • Various sun-lotions and potions
  • A selection of essential toiletries & medical supplies
  • Postcards, disposable cameras and batteries (Or we can create personalized Post Cards for you  from your sim card!)
  • T shirts, polo shirts, singlets & caps, all with the Resort or Dan's Nasty logos
  • Sarongs, Solar Suits and Noosa Hats.
  • Boogie Boards, Fins and Mask & Snorkel Sets, all imported from Australia