Black Pig
Hi everyone! We're Richard and Jade and we grew up playing  on the beach, in the sea and in the jungle because our Mum owns Sea Gypsy.

Richard is now 24 and has just finished his Masters degree at Exeter University & at 22 Jade is working in Dubai. We still love playing on Sibu and come back during our hols all the time, as you can see on
Sea Gypsy Face Book!

We always loved the boats and went on lots of excursions and snorkeling trips when little & then dive trips as we got older.

We have grown too big for our 3HP boat so we’ve turned it into a cool pirate boat swing which you can find in the kids zone.

Another favourite of ours is 'jumping'. Whether from the Kampung Duku jetty after a walk to the village
or jumping into the waterfall on Pulau Tinggi
Boys on the Jetty
Richard, Jade & LindaOnce we found an old pit in the jungle. It was full of tortoises that couldn't get out so we had to rescue them, there were so many we had to get a wheelbarrow. One time there was a great big Monitor Lizard in there but we watched him get out by himself. Another brilliant place is the Bat Cave on the walk to the Kampung, so be sure to go on that excursion.

Ghoulish Staff

Halloween is one of our favourite days at Sea Gypsy, really creepy with tons of decorations and costumes. We always celebrate it the last Saturday of October. Jade was a zombie bride one year. In 2010 Richard was a crazy pirate. Once Henry, our dog, accidentally got the stuff from inside a snap light on him and looked like spooky ghost dog!

Stu's little monsters

The kid’s activities run by Dan's Nasty are brilliant. We make things like kites and masks plus all sorts of stuff using anything we find on the beach or in the jungle for decoration. There’s treasure hunting, sand sculpting and tee shirt painting too.

Jungle Gym

We used to have one of those great big plastic climbing things when we were small but it sort of fell apart from use. Our Mum ALWAYS recycles EVERYTHING so she kept the parts that weren't broken. Our carpenters, Parmin & Fendi, along with Richard and his friend Charlie thought Ma had finally flipped when she told us to go and "build a jungle gym, use your imagination". Well it took a little thinking about but CHECK IT OUT! It's kinda got a life of it's own and just keeps growing.

Basketball Court

Another day Ma was complaining to me (Richard) about an old pipe sticking out the ground and flippantly said I should stick a pole in it and hang a basket on it.....

My gang and I did better than that, we cemented over the top of the pipe and now have a super home made mini basket ball court. And it's got a sensor spot light so you can still play hoops after 6.30pm.

Fun in the seaBeach FortressOf course our favourite thing in the whole world is still just playing on the beach.....

** Hope we'll see you at Sea Gypsy sometime soon! **

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