Our Fantastic Worms

When busy we are, conservatively, given 20 disposable nappies a day to "get rid of".
Throw-away nappies contain some substances, including human waste, that rot away quickly. But the artificial plastic and chemical components can take up to 500 years to fully decompose.
Burning them can lead to emissions of cancer-causing dioxins to the atmosphere and leaves behind a green gel which can take up to 300 years to fully decompose.

Starting IMMEDIATELY we are encouraging the use of BIODEGRADABLE NAPPIES ONLY

Our wonderful worms will munch their way though all the biodegradable nappies we throw at them turning waste into super fertilizer in just 8 weeks!

(brilliantly designed & constructed by Richard & Gang)

Biodegradable Nappies are available at Sea Gypsy Village at our cost price (this is not about us making money, it's about our environment). Unfortunately our supplier has gone out of business in Singapore, not enough families wanted to go green, but we bought enough to last through 2017 and hopefully we'll have found another supplier by then.

Size Chart & Price List for Moltex Oko Nappies

Weight in kilos Weight in pounds Age(typical) Price at Sea Gypsy
Moltex Oko Nappies  Mini 3 - 6 6 - 13 NB to 4 months RM2 per nappy
Moltex Oko Nappies  Midi 5 - 9 11 - 20 3 to 9 months RM2 per nappy
Moltex Oko Nappies  Maxi 8 - 12 17 - 25 7 to 14 months RM2 per nappy
Moltex Oko Nappies  Junior 11 - 25 23 - 55 12 months + RM2.50 per nappy

Green Note: As of our 2012 season anyone wishing to use non biodegradable nappies will be asked to bring their own plastic bags to take any soiled nappies back to the mainland with them for disposal.

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