• Children who have not yet celebrated their 2nd birthday are free of charge.
  • Children who have not yet celebrated their 17th birthday are billed as children provided they are sharing the family's chalet.
  • Children who have celebrated their 12th birthday will be billed as adults if they occupy a chalet without adults.
  • We will assume all children of 12 or under will eat children’s tea at 6pm. This meal is designed for children’s palettes and served at a large table for all the children to enjoy together, like a daily tea party! Should you wish your child to have dinner with you at 8pm you must inform us at lunch time. The menu is posted on the board in the restaurant daily. Alternatively should teenagers wish to have children’s tea because they prefer that to the evening meal simply inform us at lunch time.
  • Parents please order whatever food you would like for the day from one of our 3 baby & toddler menus for your little ones at breakfast. Tell us what time you would like it prepared and it will be cooked fresh.
  • We only allow biodegradable nappies at Sea Gypsy, please click here for more details.
  • Baby minding service (for children that have already been put to bed):
    From 7pm to 11 pm @RM15 per hour - please bring cash to pay the sitter directly, thankyou