• The season traditionally starts at Chinese New Year which falls between mid January and mid February.
  • We stay open through to the end of November, which is our favourite month as the colours are superb when the wind is starting to change. We can almost guarantee that all of your favourite pictures on this website will have been taken in November.
  • Dive season is from March to October.
    (Having said that, there is always about a week of the most amazing visibility just before the wind changes in February and again in November)
  • The resort is closed for December and January (so all the staff can have a nice holiday!)
  • The weather remains fairly constant throughout the year, with an average temperature around 29 degrees centigrade.
  •  The air gets cooler in the evenings and the nights are pleasant, you many need your jammies! (That's pyjamas to grown ups  Smiley face
Weather Icon
The weather on Pulau Sibu is very different from Johor Bahru and Singapore although it's only a couple of hours north as the crow flies.

I live in Johor Bahru overlooking the straights of Johor from Monday to Friday. I sit on the 13th floor and watch the weather over Singapore and JB. I love watching the storm clouds gathering and the rain storms as they make their way around the island and across to the mainland. It never ceases to amaze me how different the climate is here and on the island. So what's the weather like? Generally speaking blue skies and sunshine all the way, flat seas and a nice breeze. Perfect!!

By the way if you do a search for weather in Johor the web site that almost always comes up takes it's reading from downtown JB so it constantly tells you rain with a chance of storms. Ignore it!