The Sea Gypsy Tip List for a happy holiday!

  • Have about some Malaysian RM with you for paying for the various Government Fees charged at Tanjong Leman for using the jetty (RM5 per person), National Park entry fees (RM20 per adult, RM10 per child) and the Marine Park entry fee (RM30 per adult, RM15 per child). If you are driving your own car from to Tanjong Leman you will need some
    RM for the tolls and RM8 per night for the parking fee. There are some stalls at Tanjong Leman so you
    may like to bring money for a drink and they also charge to use the toilet.
  • Pack everything into black garbage sacks and then put the black sacks into your bag. Even when the sea is flat the bottom of the boat can be wet. We provide plastic bags to pack wet swimsuits, etc. into just before leaving.
  • Have a bag with a change of clothes and a small towel in your bag so that if you get wet on the boat ride home you won’t be sitting in wet clothes for the car journey.
  • Practically the only footwear you need is a pair of flip-flops. HOWEVER if you’re planning on doing any of the walking excursions bring a pair of trainers or walking shoes please.
  • Swimsuits, sarongs, sun hats, T-shirts, shorts, cotton tops and skirts or dresses is the only clothing required. Leave the glad rags and the jewelry at home. The mosquitoes come out at sun up and sun down (only bothersome for about an hour) so you may like to bring long pants and a long sleeved cotton shirt if you don’t like to use mosquito repellant. We recommend Off (which we also sell in our shop), the herbal ones sound great but don't appear to do the job. Citronella oil not only smells delicious but is great for dabbing on wrists and ankles for those among you that will always attract an insect no matter what time of day.
  • Start taking large quantities of Vitamin B and eating as much garlic as possible one week before your trip as this will change the aroma of your sweat and make you unattractive to mosquitoes (apparently).
**We sell homemade Sea Gypsy Sand Fly Remedy for RM68 per bottle **  
  • Oil is the answer to the Sand Fly. Repellants, no matter what they may claim, really seem to have no effect. Oil stops them completely. It is irrelevant what oil, cooking, baby, etc., but we recommend sun oil to avoid being cooked. Do not substitute it for your regular sun lotion simply put it on over the top. The best tip in the world for Sand Flies is to by a bottle of spray on tanning oil, pour a little out, add a small bottle of Tee Tree Oil and a few drops of liquid disinfectant (e.g. Detol). spray this on and no sand fly will touch you! The recipe comes from Australia, where they really know about sand fly problems, and is known as bush oil over there. (Amazing what I've been finding out since Richard started boarding school in Perth!)

    Note: This is a great tip if you are traveling anywhere in the world that has Sandflies. My first encounter was in West Africa about a hundred years ago (or so it seems). Don't forget the mainland jetties are quite often the place where you get attacked and not the actual beach that you are going to. If in doubt put the oil on your feet and ankles before you get there.

    P.S. Some guests from New Zealand said they expected to be greeted with swarms of Sand Flies, as encountered in the South Island back home, and almost didn't come. They asked me to point out that for most people the Sand Flies are not noticeable and much of the time they are not there at all!

That’s about all. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further advice about what to bring, or more likely what not to bring as we do try to provide most things (including beach towels, children’s toys, books and games, biodegradable nappies, etc).

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