Cakes For All Occasions

All cakes are made to order so to make sure the cake is at the resort to be served on the correct date we need you to order 5 days in advance please. Don’t worry if you are ordering months in advance, we keep a special cake diary! We can have any writing you like put on the cake. We use sparklers instead of candles as the breeze off the beach tends to blow them out before Happy Birthday can be sung.

We have amazing fireworks, please ask your reservation clerk for more details

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Flowers For Special Occasions

We’ve know Kim’s Florist for years since our children attended the same primary school here in JB. They have kindly designed 3 lovely flower arrangements that we can (fairly) easily transport to Sibu. So go on, spoil your partner with an unexpected romantic surprise. We only need 3 days notice, so handy if you’ve forgotten to order the cake!

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  • Sunny Side Up
  • Colour Her Day
  • Rosy Posy