Not just for tourists!

The Original Singapore Walks

We started taking these tours when my cousin & her husband visited from New York and I am hooked. Having lived on Singapore's doorstep for over 20 years I thought I knew the island but these tours gave me a whole new perspective. Thoroughly enjoyable and very good value for money.


There are so many good restaurants in Singapore it would be silly to start naming favourites, but not so in Johor Bahru
Just about anyone and everyone I have ever taken to Chez Papa's is absolutely amazed at the ambience of the place and the quality of the food. Problem is its not easy to spot between the bicycle repair shop and the knocking shop! It is however on the main drag heading towards the causeway, just before Pelangi Plaza, so very central. an absolute must, tell Dominique & Shereen that Linda sent you.

Sports Clubs

My son Richard played with the Centaurs for over a year starting in 2002 and loved it. It has changed beyond all recognition from the few lads meeting after school at (if memory serves) Dover School playing field! They are now located at The Centaurs Sports Park at Turf City where they manage and maintain 2 Mini/Touch rugby pitches and two full-sized, floodlit rugby pitches. The Centaurs Rugby provides professional rugby coaching for boys & girls aged between 3 and 18 years of age.

Clubs and Associations

SWA - Scandinavian Woman's Accociation

Women's associations are a super way to meet people when moving to a new country.

Since I was born in Norway and still have a Scandinavian family I decided to join the SWA. They run an interesting program of activities each month, helping you to build a social network and keep you busy.

I now hold a British Passport so am also a member of the Association of British Women in Malaysia (ABWM). This is a really brilliant organisation and I can't encourage membership enough.


Casey Health, Hair & Beauty
My favourite hairdresser in Singapore. I started going there 22 years ago while I was still living in the Maldive Islands. All the hairdressers are good, their cuts are superb and they do brilliant colouring. I really don't know anyone that hasn't been satisfied. A little more expensive perhaps, but definately worth it! Also try their beauticians for marvellous facials, various massages and all the very latest treatments for looking forever young :)

Tel: +65 6235 5328
2nd Floor at Palais Renaissance, Orchard Road


For Parties!

I've rented Louise's Bouncy Castles for Richard and Jade's
parties for years, they love them. She has even let us
bring them to Johor Bahru for parties!

If you're busy and want someone to take over the whole party for you click here! I've known Caroline Cornelius-Jones for years as a regular guest. She's set up this brilliant business which many of my friends in Singapore have used and heartily recommend

Check our Caroline's party tips page, sooo handy!


The Shophouse occupies an old British Army Barrack at GIlman Village surrounded by luch greenery in an idyllic setting. Definately worth a visit if, like me, you have absolutely no time to travel asia looking for wonderful furniture & fittings. This wonderful spot can also be booked for parties, functions & exhibition, Their monthly fair is also a must

I loved dressing my children in Batik. Now they're 20 and 19 I don't get so much of a say, but my son still loves the shirts and truth be told my daughter still loves the dresses!

Check out the cloth diaper, brilliant!



After seeing The Magnets at the Victoria Theatre in Singapore I am a convert to the joys of a cappella singing. Imagine my astonishment when they got off the boat to stay at Sea Gypsy a girl friend has made the booking and I was expecting 10 young ladies! Check out their websitem if you EVER have a chance to see them perform live treat yourself to a brilliant and unforgetable evenings entertainment for the whole family.



I really have to add this one because my son started boarding at Hale School in Perth, Western Australia in February 2004 and absolutly loved it. It is in a superb location with fantastic grounds and has an excellent academic record. With Perth only 4.5 hours away from Changi airport its certainly an excellent alternative to boarding in Europe.


Janine Clements was a guest that decided to review us on her blog, which lead me to read it and i really enjoyed it's content. hence the recommendation, enjoy!

For 20 years I have been using JARO’s book binding services, for photo albums, beaten up old favourite paperbacks, nursery books read to death that I wanted to keep to read to grand children. The books look marvelous whether on your own book shelves or as presents, and the service is ridiculously cheap. I currently have a series from Richard’s favourite author, that were paper back and had fallen to pieces, and Jade’s Botswana diary, which I pulled out of the book cover and have printed and inserted photos, being bound. So please, do yourselves a favour and pop by JARO, they also do superb basket weaving to order, and in doing so you will be supporting a wonderful organisation.


For Divers

We’ve been using Dive Masters for years. Reliable and good prices with international guarantees. Tell TK that Sea Gypsy sent you.

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