Introduced at the start of 2011 this excursion has quickly become everyone’s favourite and a must whilst staying at Sea Gypsy.
  • It is a 25 minute boat ride from Sea Gypsy to Tanjong Balang on Pulau Tinggi, where we get off the boat on to the jetty at the village.
  • Walking through the little village we enter the jungle to the left of the jetty and have a 20 minute walk through the jungle
  • The going is a little tough it is a steep hill through the jungle, before dropping down the other side so trainers, sneakers or sandals with an ankle strap are preferable rather than flip flops (thongs to the aussies).
  • A lovely waterfall a good 20 feet high awaits our trekkers, with a large fresh water plunge pool at the base.
  • It’s wonderful to cool off in the COLD water after a hot trek!
  • Check the What’s On boards in our restaurant for details of the excursions planned for that day, or just come on over to the dive base and have a chat about what you would like to do during your stay at Sea Gypsy Village.