Kelong is a Malay word meaning “remote fishing outpost”. It resembles a kampung (meaning village) house on stilts with strong Nibung tree trunks buried as deep as 7m in the seabed. At the center of the kelong is a large net which is lowered and raised several times a night to catch fish and sea critters.
  • Since being designated a Marine Park the waters around Pulau Sibu no longer have working kelongs in as much as they can no longer use nets for fishing.
  • Ever enterprising the kelong owners turned the structures into tourist attractions for line fishermen.
  • Whilst we wouldn't necessarily recommend staying on a Kelong they are great fun to visit, there are several between the mainland and Pulau Sibu.
  • Excellent fun for children and novice fishermen as the surrounding surrounding waters are teaming with marine life.
  • You MUST try squiding, just watch out for all the screaming when ink starts spurting out the squid! Give them to the kitchen staff and it’s calamari for supper smily face
  • Check the What’s On boards in our restaurant for details of the excursions planned for that day, or just come on over to the dive base and have a chat about what you would like to do during your stay at Sea Gypsy Village.