Kampong Climb

Fancy something slightly more adventurous? This trek combines the ease and calm of a walk to Kampung (village) Duku with the adventure of a steep hill climb, crowned with the unparalleled views of a cliff top traverse. Truely the best ways to see the beauty of the island.

- Take a boat from Sea Gypsy beach around the southeast side of the island, where you will get to see the pinnacle of your climb from sea level.

- Walk across the tide belt and through the village to a secluded beach, where you will see the beginning of your climb. Proper walking shoes are essential!

- Climb up through the jungle, aided by ropes, onto the cliff top to be met by a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Kampong Duku, Pulau Tengah, and the outer islands.

- The fun doesn’t stop there!  Traverse the cliff top carefully to the second view point, which gives you one of the best views of Pulau Tinggi from anywhere on the island.

- Head back down passing through the village, visiting local shops to grab a treat after your hot walk, and maybe even jump off the jetty for a quick dip!

- Jump onto our boat at the Kampung Jetty and head around the northwest point in order to have circumnavigated Pulau Sibu Besar.