It's a 40 minute (50 with little people) walk from Sea Gypsy Village situated in the north east of Sibu Island to Kampong Duku in the South West.
  • Starting from Sea Gypsy we walk along the beach and around the rocks into the next bay, where you will see in contrast to Sea Gypsy, a large concrete constructed resort called Sari Pacifica. (Mind the rocks they are a little sharp so decent footwear is advised)
  • Traverse the Sari Pacifica property and you will arrive on the west side of the island. Passing a small collection of houses you will find the foot path to the Kampung.
  • In contrast to walking through the jungle it is a lovely shady way down through the island, passing Twin Beach under the coconut trees
  • The walk is reasonably easy and very pleasant.
  • The Kampong (village) is a traditional sleepy island village and well worth a visit as it remains untouched by commercialism.
  • There is a little shop where you can buy a drink if you take some Ringgitt with you.
  • Jumping off the Kampong jetty whilst waiting for the Sea Gypsy boat to take you back to the resort is a must!
  • Check the What’s On boards in our restaurant for details of the excursions planned for that day, or just come on over to the dive base and have a chat about what you would like to do during your stay at Sea Gypsy Village.