Dan's Nasty Tadpoles
This club is to encourage pre-teens to enjoy the challenges of water activities, whilst learning about safety and respect for the sea & weather conditions, learn about the ocean and most especially have FUN!

Weather and sea conditions evaluation
Safety at sea
Paddling technique
Beach entries and exits
Righting kayak, water mount and dismount
Paddle retrieval
Care and maintenance
Dan's Nasty manoeuvrability course

Weather and sea conditions of site, tides and currents evaluation
Reef area and danger recognition of site (rocks, jetties boat traffic)
Snorkel techniques
  • Fins, mask and snorkel
  • Mask clearing
  • Snorkel clearing
  • Fin technique
  • Duck diving
Care and maintenance
Beach and boat entries and exits
Snorkelling the Sea Gypsy natural house reef

Weather and sea conditions evaluation
Equipment setup
Theory of principal of sailing and the mechanics
Practice session
Manoeuvrability course
Care and maintenance

Beach and boat entries and exits
Weather, sea conditions, tides and currents evaluation
Swimming styles
  • Treading water
  • Floating
  • Breast stroke
  • Front crawl
Timed 25/50 metre race
Water frisbee chase

Boogie Boarding
Sea conditions, tides, currents and waves evaluation
Entries and exits
Catching a wave
Riding a wave
Swimming through the waves to get to the big ones!
Care and maintenance

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