Tokong Sanggul (Site A & Site B)

Meaning: Rock Shaped like a Twist of Hair

Dan's Nasty Name: Little Bay

Dive Briefing with Dan's Nasty Frogmen
Nicknamed Little Bay this dive site has a small sheltered bay area on the north facing side of the island. Entry is normally made here where the initial descent is only 6 metres down on to a hard coral garden. Extending to the North is a 65 metre reef section which gradually slopes down to our maximum depth of 14 metres with the sheer face of the reef on our right hand shoulder and the hard coral beneath us. Rounding the corner of the reef where the soft coral is particularly nice (a good place to look for small critters hiding out)  

There is often small amount of current that we head into for 5 to 10 minutes but as we head south we will begin to gently drift with it through a beautiful coral garden with a huge mix of hard and soft corals.

One of the main features of the dive is reached about halfway through where we come in closer to the island and see a huge column with several windows through which the soft coral is just amazing and always very busy with reef life. Continuing further south the depth slowly shallows to 8 metres where we hit a sandy floor then we hop skip and jump in between outcrops of reef section.  

A perfect second dive we very often see the hump head parrot fish, large shoals of Treveilly and Barracuda.
  • Jackfish
  • Sea Bream, 2 to 3 varieties
  • Giant clam
  • Squid
  • Hump Headed Parrot fish
  • Surgeon fish
  • Barracuda
  • Trigger fish
  • Turtle, occasionally
  • Coral Sea Snake
  • Jenkins Whip Ray
  • Snub Nosed Dart
  • Trevally