Tokong Rakit (Rock A & Rock B)

Meaning: Raft Rock

Dan's Nasty Name: Dolly (after the famous Dolly Parton, for obvious reasons)

Dive Briefing with Dan's Nasty Frogmen
This dive site has spectacular soft coral due to strong currents.  The currents make this a demanding site as there is little shelter from them. Descent on the south side of rock A is to 12 metres down a sheer wall face, where in the cracks and crevices you can find lobsters hiding. Keep your eyes peeled for all the Moray Eels that we quite often see on our descent point, a nice way to start off the dive. Heading clockwise round rock A the first reef section is abundant with reef life, the sheer diversity of it is breathtaking.  There are Nudibranchs aplenty and 5 different types if anemone fish will bravely try and usher you away from their territory whilst you look for the sleeping Tawny nurse shark in the crevices. Moving on we find a sandy floor and hop skip and jump around islands of reef section. Coming in towards the island we come up against a sheer wall and follow this round to the deepest part of the dive at 18 metres as we head through the centre of the islands. Current here can be medium to strong due to the channelling of the water, but with sheer walls on both sides covered with coral every colour of the rainbow its worth a bit of leg work to get through there. Depending on time and conditions the dive will either continue on to rock B where you find more of the same or come round and carry out the safety stop on top of the first reef section that we saw.
  • White Eyed Moray eel
  • Blue Spotted Sting Ray
  • Tawny Nurse Shark
  • Boxer shrimp
  • Stone fish
  • Scorpion fish
  • Lion fish
  • Snub Nosed Dart
  • Barracuda
  • Cray fish
  • Coral Sea snake
  • Turtle
  • Silver Bat fish
  • Trevally
  • Giant clam