Toking Gantang (Rock 1)

Meaning: Measurement of Rice Rock

Dive Briefing with Dan's Nasty Frogmen
Depending on the current, the descent is made on the west side of the rock to 6 metres and then the reef slopes down to 12 metres. We head north for a time to find the two large boulders covered in coral, then south to circumnavigate the massive underwater rock formation at the south end of the island. There the depth bottoms out at 15 metres and the sheer wall stretches right up to about 3 metres. Coming in towards the island the depth shallows to 11 metres but, after being a little bit deeper, the colour here seems much brighter and is a beautiful part of the dive. Sea fans gently waving, the stingrays tucked underneath the coral and the Robust and Yellow stripe Fusiliers crisscrossing in front of your face. Coming back out the way we came we carry on heading round the island to explore a couple of small caves, hopefully finding a resting turtle in there. The dive usually finishes by coming in closer to the island where there's a giant anchor that has grown in to the reef and makes a great photo – we are still wondering how such a large anchor could have got in that close to the island.
  • Barracuda
  • Box fish
  • Giant clam
  • Spiny Cuttle fish
  • Box fish
  • Rock Cod
  • Turtle
  • Boxer shrimp
  • Stone fish
  • Crayfish
  • Grouper